18 August 2015

A high-quality and high-performance window film series based on RIKEN TECHNOS' original technologies

RIVEX® is a series of window films that simply adhere to glasses to provide various functions, such as shatter prevention, security, heat shielding, hydrophilic and decorative applications.

Shatterproof film prevents fragments of glasses broken by earthquakes, typhoons, and tornadoes from scattering. Security film provides glasses with an anti-penetration function and is registered for building components with high crime prevention functionality (CP Mark compliance). Heat shielding film reduces the ingress of heat rays (infrared rays) into rooms, drastically increasing energy efficiency. Hydrophilic film is an extremely hydrophilic organic hard coating that reduces the adherence of stains, such as water and features a self-cleaning function. Decorative film is window film that features a variety of designs.

Almost all the films block 99 percent of UV rays, which adversely affect the skin and cause discoloration of interiors and products, and also have a shatterproof function.
RIVEX® is a next-generation functional window film based on RIKEN TECHNOS' original technologies. You can choose RIVEX® products that are suitable for various applications and needs.