Product Application

We provides a custom design of PVC compounds to create industrial needs of such market as automotive (wire & parts) construction (cable & accessories) household electronic (wire & parts) toys, and high quality medical disposable devices.
Under the guidance of experts from Riken Technos Corporation, Japan, PT. Riken Indonesia production process is equipped with modern machinery and facilities that ensure efficient, high quality product and green environment concern.

  • HandGrip Motobike

  • Electrical Cable

  • Infus Tube

  • Telephone Cable

  • Electrical Cable

  • Infus Cable

  • Electrical Cable

  • Shift Knob

  • Oxygen Tube

  • Roof Moulding

  • General

  • Electrical Cable

  • Clutch Strap

  • Solor Cable

  • Quarter Window Moulding

  • Wire & Harness

  • Electronic Cable

  • Electronic Cable

  • Parking Grip